About The Book

How do we live with less fear and more faith
when the deep waters of life come crashing over us?

Following Jesus doesn’t guarantee sunny skies and smooth sailing. In fact, the waters of life are often tumultuous, crashing over us. Sometimes we can feel that we’re drowning in a sea of confusion, division, frustration, complacency, or disillusionment. We need more than a shallow faith to survive these deep waters.

Into the Deep is an invitation to dive headfirst into a life of courageous faith. With endearing warmth and authenticity, Lauren Gaskill shares how she and others have learned to swim with Jesus in the deep waters of life—facing challenges such as anxiety, depression, and chronic illness—only to discover a more authentic, enduring faith that cannot be shaken by circumstances. Lauren invites us to discover how to:

• Trade doubt and fear for courage and boldness.
• Dive deeper into faith and build endurance for the journey.
• Make decisions by faith.
• Overcome battles with specific strategies and practices.
• Live a life rooted in faith and love.

You can leave fear behind and step into faith.

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About the Author
Lauren Gaskill is an author, speaker and the founder of She Found Joy. Diagnosed with an incurable genetic disorder, Lauren is passionate about encouraging others to hold on to faith and learn how to find joy in every circumstance. She lives with her husband and beloved dog Reese just a few hours from the ocean in North Carolina.
Author, show host and national speaker
Lauren is someone who has fought the fight of faith. She doesn’t offer surface platitudes or cliches. Hers is hard-fought wisdom. If you feel like you’re going under, know this: God’s hold on you is stronger than your hold on Him. As you work your way through the pages of this book, you’ll be reminded again and again that God is good, His promises are true, and He will always make a way for you.
Bestselling Author of You're Already Amazing and Fiercehearted
Into the Deep is an invitation to a life with less fear and more faith, less insecurity and more holy confidence, less exhaustion and more embracing of all God has for us. This is a book Lauren has not just written but lived with Jesus--now she's offering us the same beautiful, life-changing opportunity.
Bestselling author, Bible teacher and speaker
Lauren Gaskill invites us into the deep waters of courageous faith. Through the power of story, practical, and spiritual steps, she reveals how to stay afloat when everything we know to do isn't holding us up. Lauren has lived this, and her words sit with us in the midst of our own battle and offer hope.
Author of It’s All Under Control and The Happiness Dare
I don’t know a woman who wouldn’t benefit from diving deeply into this book. If you’ve ever doubted God, ever struggled with anxiety, ever second-guessed yourself, ever experienced frustration, this book is for you. Let me say it more clearly: Into the Deep is for all of us. Lauren Gaskill is a fresh, new voice sharing courageously and honestly about what it means to dive deeply into faith, even when the waves are tumultuous. I’m delighted to recommend this book.
Speaker, author and life coach
Lauren Gaskill's Into the Deep is a biblically-shaped life-preserver for anyone who feels like they are flopping around in the scary deep waters of life. When I got to the last page, so many lines still lingered in my mind. I've watched Lauren swim hard to strong faith through difficult medical problems as well as the raging waves of anxiety and depression. She's a determined Jesus-girl who's seen God's transformative power in the deep moments and invites you to experience God's life-saving transformative power as well.
Author, speaker and Bible teacher
Lauren Gaskill has written a must-read for anyone who is no longer satisfied with the shallow end of faith. As someone who has personally walked the path of trusting God above all unknowns, Lauren understands the fears and challenges that undoubtedly come with taking courageous steps into His will for your life. Her tender words will lead you by the hand as you learn to pursue God with reckless abandon. Helping identify areas that hold you back and depositing truth that will propel you forward, this book will transform your relationship with God into one that is solid, steadfast, and undeniably rewarding.
National Speaker & Author of Anchored In: Experience a Power-Full Life in a Problem-Filled World
Lauren doesn’t just tell us how to survive the deepest waters of life, she goes into the deep with us and shows us how to swim. Page by page, Lauren shares her heart of faith and inspires us to resist the lies of the enemy by focusing on the truth and foundation of our faith - Jesus. Lauren’s personal stories and reflective questions compel us to evaluate our own faith in a personal and encouraging way. You are going to love Into the Deep!